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Digital Art


Series: NrOX

My motivation to create these artworks/ series are inspired by my inner experiences, relationships, cultural background, which are the source of my perception of reality. This series is my attempt to catch and understand the human mind, through exploration of my unconscious self and emotions. These artworks are the result of practicing the ability to contact my own emotions and a sincere look at my own interior, without activating an internal censor and critic. They are also a reflection on interpersonal relationships and culture as the context and scene on which our life takes place.


I hope that viewers will have a chance to find fragments of their own personal experiences in my artwork. My aim is to touch the internal, unconscious elements of individual experience by visual expression. 



Traumatic  5510 x 1757 px Digital 2020



Pope 3500 x 2333 px Digital 2020

The inspiration for this artwork was born from observation and reflection on the phenomenon of power; studying the biographies of the "bad popes" gave me a lot of material for work, and it surprised me in such a way that I decided to explore how institutionalism can dehumanize man and noble ideas in a terrible way. This is one of my most important artworks.


InBetween 3000 x 1688 px Digital 2021


Moonlight 2896 x 2000px Digital 2021

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