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Digital Art


Series: Faith

Beliefs are part of our culture, history, and part of human nature. Whether we like it or not.

Growing up and being surrounded by Christianity made it a part of who I am. 

In this very subjective visual interpretation, I wanted to show three elements that are essential for Christianity to exist: believer, church, and martyr. I wanted to look at it from a different, unusual angle, focusing on suffering, greed, and martyrdom. 

Faith 1/3 - “Believer”

In “Believer” I wanted to focus on how the suffering of followers is necessary for religion to exist.


Faith 2/3 - “Pope”

In “Pope” I wanted to focus on greed and corruption that comes with power.


The inspiration for this artwork was born from observation and reflection on the phenomenon of power; studying the biographies of the "bad popes" gave me a lot of material for work, and it surprised me in such a way that I decided to explore how institutionalism can dehumanize man and noble ideas in a terrible way. This is one of my most important artworks.

Faith 3/3 - “Martyr”

In “Martyr” I wanted to focus on how the death of the messiah was turned into a symbol.

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