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dir. Lars von Trier


My role in the movie: Compositor

-compositing more difficult shots, some were also used as promotional prints

-finishing and adding final touches to many shots

“Melancholy” is one of my favorite movies I worked on. Probably the most emotionally intense and exhausting movie I saw, I love it hehe. We worked on the dreamlike sequence, with a lot of surrealistic slow-motion shots. Almost like a classical music video inside a movie. Nothing I saw before. That was a moment when love for making VFX has been planted in my heart. Being part of the moviemaking process is sometimes more demanding than it is rewarding, but looking at this movie after many years I see that it’s a huge reward. I was responsible for compositing the below shots together with a few more. Big kudos for the whole VFX team from Platige <3

Some of shots I worked on:

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